Expert Witness

Expert Reporting
Fiebig Architecture has developed the highest standard of construction and design compliance reporting in the industry. Our comprehensive reporting structure starts with descriptions of the overall building systems and components and then evaluates each one through a logical analysis of observed conditions, opinions, basis of opinions (including applicable building codes, site-specific project documentation, and industry standards), and recommendations. Our reports can be tailored to the unique needs of both plaintiff and defense consulting.

Types of Reports
Fiebig Architecture can provide the following types of expert reporting, as needed for your case:

Notice of Claim/Summary of Defects Report - An initial report used to summarize deficiencies discovered during a visual inspection of the property, typically used to supplement Notices of Claim or Demand letters as needed by retained council.


Certificate of Merit/Review - Depending on your jurisdictional requirements, Fiebig Architecture can provide Certificate of Merit or Certificate of Review reports to substantiate the litigation claims and establish their merit.


Complete Rule 26a Disclosure Documents - Full construction and design compliance reporting including comprehensive analysis of all relevant issues, with attachments which commonly include photograph mapping, photograph discs, repair recommendations with detailing as needed, defect matrices, and others as needed.


Technical Memorandums - Quick and short memos to discuss a key point or issue, to supplement other reporting, or to provide quick responses to disclosed information when an urgent response is needed.


Expert Witness Testimony
Fiebig Architecture provides services above and beyond analysis and reporting, including full expert witness testimony services as needed for any particular case. Services include:


Reference Binders - Organized documentation of all the references used in the reporting phases which establish the basis of Fiebig Architecture's opinions.

Photographs - Organized photos by building and location to illustrate specific conditions found at any location.


Court Illustratives and Exhibits - Everything from graphical illustratives to physical mock-ups to demonstrate conditions as needed for trial.

Expert Testimony - Depositions, Arbitrations, and Trial expert witness testimony as needed for your case.