Forensic Architecture

Standard of Care Analysis
Fiebig Architecture performs Standard of Care analysis in the design and construction of buildings of all types and uses, including multi-family residential, commercial, institutional, and others. Because a good architect understands all of the aspects that go into a complete building and site, having a solid forensic architect on your team can prove to be very valuable for your case.

Specific Building Component Analysis
Fiebig Architecture performs cause and origin analyses of building system installations and failures including roofing systems, window and door systems, exterior wall cladding systems, waterproofing, air and moisture control, and foundation systems. Additionally, Fiebig Architecture has a special expertise in fire-resistive assemblies and active fire-protection systems.

Performance Testing
Fiebig Architecture can provide a variety of industry standard recognized performance tests to verify the ability of a building or system to function as intended. Such tests include AAMA 501.2 water spray testing, as well as coefficient of friction tests for floor surfaces.

Intrusive Testing
When visual observations aren't enough, Fiebig Architecture provides and directs intrusive testing of building elements to reveal the underlying components in order to verify and document any hidden conditions which contribute to building failures and damages.

Evidence Storage
When warranted by the specifics of the case, Fiebig Architecture will collect evidence during intrusive testing, with proper documentation and secure storage so it can be produced as needed in the future to support the case.

Premises Liability Investigation
Fiebig Architecture performs premises liability analyses including investigations of slip/trip and fall accidents, and review of site specific maintenance/inspection procedures and records, with an emphasis on accessibility code compliance for both commercial and residential buildings and sites. With an in-house library of building codes that date back over a century, Fiebig Architecture can evaluate a building or site under the original code of construction, even if the building is 50 years old or more. When it comes to understanding the requirements of an older building and site as it relates to code compliance, having access to the codes which governed the construction of such older buildings and an expert who knows how to navigate them is of paramount importance.